Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer/Autumn Painting

It has been a decade-plus since I last painted the house...
So I'm going to tackle one room at a time...
Updates & Photos Coming!

Lake Powell Family Vacation - August 2013

Summer of 2013 was the hottest on record for Salt Lake City, Utah.
Needless to say, our family tried to get to various lakes as often as schedules would permit.  
In August, we planned a 4 day family trip to Lake Powell.
It really was the highlight of our Summer FUN!
We rented a Houseboat & Speed Boat, loaded up the coolers with plenty of food & drinks 
and made our way down to Southern Utah.
Of all the days to go, it ended up raining every day.
But for those who really KNOW a Cahoon, 
Doug purchased a new Wake Board that was broken into our 1st day on the lake,
along with all of our other "Water Toys."
I have never seen Ella & Hudson so EXCITED about a "Family Adventure!"  
Everyone that attended had a fantastic time...
We only wish that we could have had ALL of our children & grandchildren with us!

Since our return home, our little Hudson has been showing us how well he can balance on sofa pillows.  
He informs all spectators that he is "Lake Skating" and will impersonate just how family members looked while they were wake skating & boarding...It is so hilarious!
Hudson looks so forward to his legs growing a little bigger so that he can 
"Lake Skate" for real!

Thank You Joseph & Emily, Nanny & Brian, Ella, Hudson & Oliver

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

Wishing Y'all The Happiest Of New Years!
May 2013 Be Your BEST Year Yet!

No more long list of resolutions...
My only resolution for 2013...
To Live Life In The Present & To Making It Count!
Thanksgiving & Christmas was such a joyful time for our family...and the only thing that would have made it better would have been to have our Navy kids with us...Nicole, Zach, Boston & Marley, your presence was truly missed!

Thanksgiving Dinner was at our home this year.  
It was a wonderful sight to see most of our Children, Grandchildren and Grandma Cahoon gathered round the Dining Table...My Heart & Mind tried to soak it all in and give Thanks for ALL of our Blessings!

In between Thanksgiving & Christmas, Esther was able to fly to Sarasota, Florida
and see those Darling Grandchildren, Boston & Marley, and spend some time with Zach & Nicole.
It was the BEST...Everyone had only wished that Doug (Grandpa) could have joined us!
 A big THANK YOU to Nicole & Zach for opening up their home and letting me come to visit!
It was really hard to say "Goodbye" and I wished I could have taken Y'all Home with me!

Christmas Festivities began with our traditional Family Dinner Outing.
We all met up at Pizza Limone in Salt Lake City for a delicious dinner, handed out some Christmas Cash and then spent the evening at City Creek Mall.  Seldom do the kids find what they want to purchase on that evening at the Mall, but we love to just walk around the shops soaking in ideas and enjoy our time together as Family...Granny & Grandpa could hardly pull Hudson & Ella away from the Disney Store!
Christmas Eve was at our Home.
Ella & Hudson came over early to help bake Christmas Cookies.
Our evening meal included old traditions as well as newer ones, which included Roast Beef Sandwiches with all the fixings, Chips, Mex-Tex Dip & Tortilla Chips, Veggie Platter, New England Clam Chowder, Sparkling Cider, Eggnog and an assortment of homemade Goodies from neighbors & friends.
After stuffing our faces, we quickly gathered props...Grandpa read the Nativity Story from Luke 2 
as our Kids, Grandchildren, Uncle Sabino & cousin Katie & Spencer acted out the Nativity.
Then Ella & Hudson performed a musical rendition of 
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
which was absolutely adorable!
Next was the Gift Exchange...
Ella & Hudson could not have been more delighted with their gifts!
Granny & Grandpa had scored Big Time...YES!!!
This year's Christmas theme was Christmas Past, which came almost by accident beginning with the Christmas Tree Decor...Thank You, Oliver, for the inspiration!
While Doug & I focus on Emergency Preparedness gifts for our Adult Children, 
they also received a framed award, artwork or photo of a moment in their childhood.
I KNOW it was far more joyful for me to go through my Treasure Chest, and remember their childhood days, as I gazed upon the little Treasures that I had kept through the years.  
Little cards or pieces of art that they had made for me...
How quickly the years have flown by!  
Yet, when I close my eyes, I can hear their little voices, see their adorable faces
and recall the tenderest of Christmases Past!
For me, Christmas is about remembering the
Birth of the Christ Child...God's Gift To All The World
and of the precious Gifts that God gave to me:
Joseph, Nanette, Geneal, Nicole & Oliver
and how they have given Doug & I the most Magical of Christmases!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012
Ella Learned To Ride Her Bicycle - No Training Wheels!
She Is Growing Up So Fast
Of Your Every Accomplishment, 
We Are So Proud Of Our Ella Bella!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Geneal!

Bed Head Doesn't Get Any Cuter!

Geneal & Grandpa Luna

Oh How We Love Our Geneal & Her Beautiful Smile!

Five years, following our 1st Date, our darling Geneal came into this world.
With a difficult start, as a Neo-Natal ICU Preemie,
our precious Geneal proved that she was one tough girl!

Dad wanted a blue-eyed, blonde daughter.
I thought dark was dominant.
Joseph would teasingly suggest an adoption had occurred.

Geneal, you are the very BEST of your Dad & Mom...
Multiplied by a million!
We are so PROUD of your every accomplishment!
Raising you was an absolute JOY!
Thank You for being YOU...and for the Happiness that you have brought into our lives!

Happy 27th, Geneal!
We Love & Adore You!!!

First Date...

Our First Date - 32 Years Ago Today
Lagoon Opera House 
"The Unsinkable Molly Brown"
Ferris Wheel Ride After
Double Date With
Dwight Epperson & Jillyn Cahoon

Doug had just returned, a few days prior, from the Texas Dallas Mission.
When Doug phoned to ask me out, I thought to myself, "Why Not?"

Our Courtship & Engagement 
was Magical!
Marriage...LOTS OF WORK!!!

I wish I could offer up a Testimonial that intimated that Marriage is absolute Bliss!
At least, it hasn't been for us.  It has required a lot of compromise, sometimes heated disagreements, tremendous patience, respect & communication.
Mostly, it's about loving the other person more than ourselves!
Selflessness...And Empathy.

Our Marriage has had its "Ups & Downs"
and knowing what I know now, 
I still would have said, "Yes," to a First Date with Doug.

Some 32 years later...
Doug, you still keep me guessing,
You make me laugh,
You surprise me,
You can still make my heart skip a beat,
and unquestionably,
I wonder what's around the next bend of the road you've taken me on?

But it is YOU that I want to share EVERY ADVENTURE with!
I guess I should be asking myself, "Why Wouldn't I?"
Happy Anniversary, Doug! 
Thanks So Much For Our Hike Today!